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Spice up your day!

by Rachael Tiong | | | 0 Comments

Nsquare Nick series V 3H 52mm Steel series

This week's theme is on bright colors that screams individualism and quirkiness. 

Colours have deep psychological effects on one's temporary perceptions and feelings. More than just a visual stimulation, colours can alter the mood quite perceptibly. You might have had an encounter already.. 

Nsquare Nick series features time pieces with bold designs in distinct colors. 

3H 52mm Steel series includes time pieces with relatively simple designs in likewise outstanding colors. 

Color and its usage technique is the basic element of visual communication. Innovative usage of color in our daily routine, can give a deep meaning to our life's rhythm. Wide varied colors diversify each moment of our life.

Share with us! Everyone has their favorite color(s), what's yours?

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