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Welder Watches are built in Italy using mainly Japanese movements. Welder watches use bold, industrial-inspired designs, lots of color, odd shapes, multiple dials, multiple faces, and just generally avant garde styling. Displays are all analog, and many models have chronograph features as well as date complications. 

The wristwatches are built with good quality and offer rugged, oversized looks with a modern, industrial flair. Chances are good that you’ll be the only one wearing one in your social circle, and if you do, you will attract attention, because these are not subtle timepieces.

They’re big, bold, colorful, and eye-catching.



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Welder K24 3104/ White
Welder K24 3105/ Off-white
Welder K29 8000/ White
Welder K45 2701/ Black
Welder K45 2702/ White accents