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April 22 Earth Day

by Rachael Tiong | | | 0 Comments

Featuring 3H GMT with Superluminova applied to dial.

Somehow, this timepiece paints me a picture of Mother Earth. Not sure if it works the same way for you... 







Some truths about April 22 Earth Day:

Earth Day has received Worldwide Observance since 22nd April 1970.

April 22 Earth day has since become a yearly affair for all Environmental activists and others to celebrate with outdoor performances, plant trees, pick up road side trash, conduct various programs for recycling and conservation etc.

Earth Day aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for Earth's environment. It seeks to promote environmental awareness and call for the protection of our planet.

While April 22 Earth Day is not a public holiday, it is a day for us to ponder about how each of us can help to protect our Mother Earth. Yes, its everybody's effort. 

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