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About us

TVG is where addiction starts,

and is where we bring forth statement time-pieces for the demanding you. 

TVG is a multi-brand watch boutique carrying statement time-pieces to our customers. We carry only the exquisite and the extraordinary time-pieces that is meant to whet the appetite of all customers to portray their sense of individuality.

Our Brand Partners include:


Nitron is a brand borne out of modern ambition and indulgence of one man, Andrew Oliver. Nitron is a brand free of restraint – in both material and design. Nitron’s mantra “You only live once” is one held firmly by Olivers, and follows boldly with ostentatious, conspicuous detail and experimental with new materials. Every collection comes limited in 100 pieces. 

3H Italia

3H watches represent the light image of time, a disenchantment image, full of color, oversized, playful and when needed aggressive. Likewise for all those keen on important watches, 3H clients are considered optimistic and full of the joy of living.


a'-tek integrate the elements of art and technology into its product with originality and stories. a'-tek uses their immeasurable space with their heart to achieve their unlimited creation.

Alessandro Baldieri

This brand took after the name of the designer, Alessandro Baldieri who hand paints his watches to create unique timepieces. After twenty years of interiors and furniture design, Alessandro was ready to fulfill his ambition to start a new venture. His creative flair, love of luxury and keen eye for details have lead him into the world of watches, setting up offices in London and Singapore. His goal has always been to create a line of watches for both men and women that reflected his own persona:


Blauling, a symbol of artistic beauty, is a Swiss made watch that is inspired by the dazzling glass traditionally created on the Venetian island of Murano in the northern Italy. This makes design become charming and accessible, and the core value of “sharing” in Blauling is then realized.Blauling breaks the traditional properties of inaccessibility in art; make it become your portable art piece, and let you enjoy the wearable beauty.


Born in Besançon, the historic watch capital of France, in 1969, Emmanuel Dietrich has had a long love affair with timepieces. Influenced by his birthplace’s culture of masterful design and technique, Emmanuel left for Paris to formalize his design education. Dietrich's Organic Time series is a tool that speaks the same organic language as our bodies. An organically different timepiece.


It is time to enjoy time. Watches in the past were merely tools to tell the time. In today’s fashion-conscious world, these little devices are also intricate accessory pieces for self expression! Galtiscopio is passionate about creating fashion watches--an amalgamation of ingenious designs and exquisite materials. 

GV2 by Gevril

GV2 watches are geared toward people who are inclined to resist the usual and who opt instead to sink their teeth into the more inventive flavors life has to offer. Like the people who wear them, GV2 watches are distinctive, imaginative and original.

From the day it was established, GV2 pushed the boundaries of design, and today it has hit full stride. As ever, GV2 watches are made in Switzerland from the same high-quality components used by the brand’s luxury parent – Gevril Watches – and assembled by the same skilled craftsmen.


Haemmer, born out of Germany is a brand that caters to collectors who are fond of oversized timepieces. They impress with their sleek design and oversized dials. Moreover, their left hand crown makes them even more distinctive. 

Italia Tecnica Artigiana (I.T.A.)

ITA collection of watches is a refinement of technical-constructive Italian design. ITA was created with the intent to confirm, in the complex watchmaking sector, the importance of the italian style and design, which are renowned and valued all over the world. They aim to create a collection of watches which is absolutely unique, recognizible and strongly italian.

Metal Chronometrie (Metal CH.)

Swiss-made Chronometry watches for both ladies and men. Metal CH. offer a wide collection of watches ranging from the masculine to the light-hearted Swarovski series for the feminine. These watches are highly recommended for professional work and even for sports wear. 


The concept for Morpheus Watches was to create fully custom works of horological art, dedicated to some specific theme, avocation, or vocation. Extensive research and development goes into each and every timepiece they bring forth.


Based in Hong Kong, NSQUARE is a combination of luxury style with European design and exquisite craftsmanship. NSQUARE collections are Asian fit. All cases and straps are redesigned to fit most Asian’s wrists. Attractive design and vivid appearance has always been a symbol of family NSQUARE timepiece.


Swiss made lifestyle watches. «Thanks to a precious craftmanship, the steel become a watch. Sensual and strong at the same time, the products I create associate performance, sense of style and details and comfort of use.» Julien Mottaz, Steelcraft’s CEO & Artistic Director.


Italo Fontana launched the new watch brand named Welder. “To weld” is synonym of to complete, to unite and to melt not only metals, but also innovative ideas. The welder resembles very much to an astronaut, he can a human being but he can be also a robot, is a sort of union between time/space with million meanings.The collection Welder represents an alchemic/material formula.